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Don't settle for broken English, unreliable turn-around, and amateur content. Hire a writer with integrity and a proven track record.

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I have written over 4,000 articles in my career. You could say I have a healthy work ethic.

SEO Optimization

I've worked for top marketing agencies, like The Hoth. I can help boost your on-page SEO.

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Stand out in the crowd with engaging content that is scannable and grabs attention.

Prather Publishing is More Than a Hired Typewriter

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Professional Invoices

All my work is backed by 100% transparent invoices. You know exactly what and when to expect your order to be completed.

Extra Proofreading

A successful writer will make mistakes. Using Grammarly and Hemingway Apps keeps those mistakes to a minimum.

Workflow Apps ✓

Never get left in the dark on your orders. For multi-article projects, I use Cliq or Slack. Skype and Messenger for long-term clients.

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"I like James as a human, a writer, and a partner on long-term projects. The quality of my blog and media has improved significantly."
Stacy MacDonald
Project Manager
"James helped me build an entire website from the ground up. His copywriting is always consistent and interesting to read."
Christof Wallner
"I have been able to rely on James' insight as a writer for all my projects. Launching my business was a success thanks to freelancers like him."
Courtney Alexander